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Her Highness NYC- Last Prisoner Project Single CBD Pre-Roll + Lighter

Her Highness NYC- Last Prisoner Project Single CBD Pre-Roll + Lighter

We get high off social justice -- and it's high time to address the racist prison industrial complex plaguing cannabis use in the USA. Her Highness is only possible thanks to hard-fought cannabis legalization efforts. Efforts that did not happen in time to help many of our sisters still languishing in prison for victimless crimes. We see you. And we pledge to use our voice and resources to shine a light on you and your stories and to help you get on solid ground.

Her Highness is proud to partner with the Last Prisoner Project to tell the stories of women like Evelyn, Stephanie, and Natalia - all jailed for minor charges that have altered their lives. 50% of the proceeds of these pre rolled hemp joints support these women, and others like them unjustly imprisoned on low-level cannabis offenses.

Filled with CBD flower, you are not going to get stoned from these pre rolls although you may feel a nice body buzz. Like all Her Highness pre rolls, you will love the extra-long crutch that keeps burning hemp away from your manicure and eyelashes. And the refillable lighter ensures relief is always at hand. Let's make sure everyone can access the same relief in the fight for freedom.


.5G pre-roll plus lighter. Sourced from a minority owned hemp co-op in Shelton, CT

Take 1-3 gentle puffs. Wait a moment, see how you feel. Smoke on or save it for later.