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Pure + Planted Breath Mist

Pure + Planted Breath Mist

Peppermint Breath Mist refreshes your breath and delivers a micro dose of full spectrum CBD

This CBD Breath Mist saves the day, by simultaneously refreshing your breath and treating anxiety. Delivered in a small micro 1mg spritz, Full Spectrum breath mist releases a micro dose, providing a minty boost of confidence to continue your day. An everyday necessity for all CBD-loving folks.

Suggested Use: Delivered in small (micro) 1mg doses, making it great to use throughout the day as needed. Can be used to freshen breath and eliminate dry mouth. Micro dose , is frequent small doses. The theory behind this is that some conditions are best treated by maintaining a constant low level of CBD in the body throughout the day that doesn’t wear off due to its frequent dosing. People have reported success treating Anxiety, by microdosing CBD.

Organic ingredients: MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD oil peppermint essential oil. 10ml net wt